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Clairvoyant Readings - Psychic Readings by Benson Wong

Does this sound like someone you know?...

"Will my love life ever get better?...Who is my soulmate?...I'm not happy and I don't feel good...I'm always broke and I need more money...I'm not appreciated...I need a change...
I'm thinking about a new career direction...
Why do I always feel guilty?...I'm confused and could use some help!!!"

Well,find out how Ben can help you with an Accurate Clairvoyant Reading/ Psychic Reading today.

Photo of
                                    Benson Wong

Benson Wong

Clairvoyant Advisor,
Inspirational Coach and Healer

Co-author in the #1 Best-selling "Wake Up Live the Life You Love"
book series
  - Clairvoyant Readings - Past Life Readings -Energy Balancing -
Healings - Meditation -
Clairvoyant Development Workshops -
Business and Professional Consultation -
Since 1976

Benson Wong is an Entrepreneur and a highly sought after Psychic Clairvoyant Advisor, Inspirational coach and Healer.  For the past 38 years, Benson has been helping people from all walks of life to find their path to spiritual growth, awareness, happiness and success. 

Over 100,000 readings/consultations

Having done over 100,000 readings/consultations, workshops, and energy balancing/ healing sessions, Benson has been blessed with having been a part of many miracles and life changing transformations.  He enjoys helping people, whether it's becoming successful in business, creating happiness in personal relationships, or helping one find their passion in life.

Do you have any questions about...

  • Your love life, past lives present situation, future, money  relationships, family, health, career, or clairvoyant abilities?
  • Why you are feeling stuck or in a rut?
  • What you are learning in this lifetime and what's stopping you from achieving your goals and happiness?


 A Clairvoyant Reading Will
Reveal Your Truths!

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How A Clairvoyant Reading Works

My readings are conducted in a professional, sensitive, simple and confidential manner.  My objective is to provide a safe, enjoyable, comfortable and informative experience for you.  A simple definition of clairvoyance is: the ability to sense mental images, sounds, and different levels of energy that the average person isn't consciously aware of.

During the reading, as I focus my attention on you, I am able to receive information about your personality, creative abilities, health, relationships, family, work, as well as information from your past. I will look at your present situation as well as what you are creating for your future.

I receive this information by clairvoyantly looking at your "aura" (the energy surrounding your body) and your "chakras" (the energy centers located within your spiritual body).

Your reading may also include information on how you can use your own clairvoyant abilities to balance and heal both your spiritual and physical body.


What Clients Have to Say...

Anthony Zamudio. PhD"Ben, thank you for a very meaningful and helpful reading. You helped me to understand some difficult moments in my life and gave me some useful healing techniques that I can use in my own work. I've been doing my visualizations as you recommended and I remember your words when I need to release energy, especially when I feel myself sinking. The gold circle above me has helped me to appreciate my days very much. I've also enjoyed your writings. Your book chapter answered my question about how you came into your work and about your gift. Thank you again for your guidance and healing." 

Tony Zamudio, CA
, Ph.D., Director, Behavioral Sciences, California
Hospital Family Medicine-Keck USC School of Medicine

Nani Linder"I have known Benson Wong for 9 years.  I would describe   Benson as "authentic".  His gift is rare.  His method is gentle.  His persona makes one feel like you are speaking with and listening to a trusted advisor and friend.  In reality you are!  Benson Wong is a powerful healer and teacher.  I recommend Ben without hesitation." 

Nani Aki Linder
, WA , Author, Speaker

                                          E"When I talked with Ben on the phone the first time, I knew that
 he was the real deal.  After meeting him and doing a session with him, I felt that he supported me in moving out some old emotions and fears...and I felt GREAT afterwards!!!  In fact, I feel the most balanced in my entire life.  Ben, you are a true Healer!!! This is fascinating work that you do.
Everyone should contact you. They'll be happy they did."  

Steven E, CA,
Movie & film producer,  International Speaker and creator of the #1 Best Selling "Wake Up...Live the
Life You Love" book series -

                                        Field"I have been learning from Benson for over twenty years. Meeting Benson has really changed my life!"

Michele Field, CA
, Owner of Smart Travel - The Corporate Travel Management Company, SF, CA 

Lee Hinton"I have known Benson for over three decades. I have found him to be an honest, sincere, and truly caring person, whom I trust. Ben's advice and counsel have been invaluable over the years. Ben is not only a trusted adviser he is my spiritual brother. I highly recommend him."

Lee Hinton, MI
, Entrepreneur,
Team Builder, Sales Trainer, and Inspirational Speaker. 

Joe Mendoza"Benson was amazingly accurate on his readings. After the session, it seemed like there was a massive shift in my beingness. It was great! Benson is such an amazing and powerful person!  I highly recommend!" 

Joe Mendoza
CA, Real Estate Broker, Developer, Investor,
Advisor, Mentor, CEO / Founder of

Kristi Bechtold
"In 1995, I started having classes and private sessions with Benson. He has proven to be not only a highly valuable spiritual teacher, but a trusted friend as well. Benson has a gentle way of assisting people through difficult situations. And, his gift of clairvoyance is right on. Couple this with his sincere desire to help and be of service, I can’t imagine any greater gift to humanity. Thank you Benson!"

Kristi Bechtold, CA, CMT, CHT, RM

                                              Cutler"I first had a reading with Benson 20 years ago. I knew then what he said was connected and true. Now 20 years later I listened to those tapes and time validated the truths behind the reading from all those years ago. Now 20 years later I returned to Benson for a second session. I do not think I will wait 20 years for my next one."

Seth Cutler, CA, Elem. Math COordinator, Los Angeles Unified School District. Providing Professional Development for Coaches and Teachers.

"Hey Ben, you were right on the money again!  You're the man. Thank you so much for everything!" 

Stan Getz, CA,
Jazz Musician

SteveCicornio"I first met Benson over 25 years ago when I was going through some trials and tribulations, which were confusing and complicated.  Ben has taught me that the ups and downs in life are where we get our answers to some tough questions and that we truly have the power to control the sails of our own ship. On more than one occasion, Ben saved my life, and the amazing part is he was not even physically present when he did.  Just the thought of him seems to have a calming effect whenever I feel the walls of life closing in on me.  Ben has this special quality about him—a positive assurance that makes you feel everything will be OK.  His teaching, healings, and empathic understanding are truly a blessing.  He always points me in the correct direction and gives me confidence to reach my goals and find my answers."

Steve Cicornio
, CA, Entrepreneur

Ken Krueger“Benson; Thank you for your latest reading. I will remain in touch with you. You continue to help me immensely through your readings because you continue to “know” without “knowing” much about me or the people that I mention to you. Your gift of helping so many people, including me, through the years (since 2002) is deeply appreciated. Your clairvoyant thoughts sustain me, give me hope, and let me know that I am on the right path…”

Ken Krueger,
AZ, Sole Proprietor, Educational Guidance Services

Michelle Williams,
                                      Realtor"I met Benson 22 years ago and he has been my anchor and a true friend in my life. Benson explored my past lives which helped me understand my relationships with self, family, friends and associates.  He has helped me through troubled times by encouraging me to listen to my inner self for guidance.  With Benson’s help I realized (there is nothing wrong with me).  He taught me how to validate my feelings and not to worry about what others think.  After every session I always walk away feeling stronger, ready to take action and conquer the world.   Benson is a fantastic Healer I highly recommend him."

Michelle Williams, CA, Realtor

"I got a reading from Ben about 2 years ago. I had a recording of it on my phone which i listened to recently and I just wanted to thank him again. He gave me some of the best life advice and everything he said would happen has come true. I recently returned for another reading and have not been disappointed. I highly recommend anyone who is interested. Talking to Ben is both an enlightening and life changing experience.

Jessica Rice, CA, Student
Judy Lee -
"I had the privilege of coordinating two of Benson's workshops for our group. At our most recent workshop, Benson discussed how experiences from our past lives can affect our current lives and gave brief readings for about a dozen participants. One of the most memorable reading that day was for a 25 y/o ... Benson revealed the barriers that were holding this young lady back and how to move forward to reach her full potential. Both the young lady and her mother were in tears at the conclusion of the reading. The mother approached me later to say Benson was spot on in every aspects of her daughter's reading. It was so heartening for all of us to see Benson help this young person embark onto a path of what could be a life changing, beautiful life experience. Benson was gentle, caring, positive and reassuring while maintaining a safe and healing environment throughout all the readings ... You could not walk away without feeling the love. On behalf of San Francisco Chinatown Just For Fun 2, a great big thank you to Benson for his kind generosity in sharing his amazing gift and invaluable time with all of us!"

Judy W. Lee, CA/HI, Workshop Coordinator
Ellaine -
"Ben is one of a kind. He is truly blessed with special gifts. I am glad that he is using these gifts to help others especially with easing the pain. Thank you so much Ben for helping me accept the things I cannot change. For without you, I might not be able to move on right away. Life pulls us in all kinds of direction and I value people like Ben who can help us be guided thru the right path."

Ellaine, CA

Ron Moy
"Benson Wong is an authentic & truly an amazing psychic. Don't bother to test him, save your time, use it to seek & ask about your past, present, & future. He is the real deal. He is honorable, deeply spiritual, an Old Soul, with a Heart of Gold. A caring and loving family man. I am truly blessed and honored to know and be a friend of Benson Wong. One of a Kind, truly a Gift from God."

Ron Moy, CA

                                      Orsinelli at
"Benson's reading provided me with insight and direction. His accuracy and healing techniques are invaluable tools. Perhaps most importantly; after incorporating what he teaches...I feel far more positive and effective in my life."

Kala Orsinelli, CA

More Comments ...

"Hey Ben, You are truly gifted! My wife (of 67 years) and I have traveled the world and
have had the pleasure of having readings done by some of the top clairvoyants. We
 can honestly say that after our session with
you...YOU are the very best! Your healing abilities are so powerful. That energy block in my stomach is totally gone! I just feel wonderful. Thank you for teaching me how to remove it. Nobody else would teach me.
Thanks again for all your help and kindness. God bless you."  
 Trever & Gloria Becksworth, Australia


 "Gosh, thanks again Ben.  Whether I like the truth you are telling or not, you sure
know how to make a person feel less stressed out about it.  I'm really thankful I met you--honestly."
  Liz, S.F., CA


  "I think what you do is fantastic and really helps me out when I need it." Thank you so much for your time.  Lupe, CO


 "Your reading was very accurate. I would like to learn how you did it. Can you teach me? Thank you."  Sharleen, Singapore


 "Hmm. That was a good new perspective for sure. That was worth it. Thanks a bunch. I do astrology pretty intensely, and know numerology, but there were something's in there I didn't predict, especially about the compatibility stuff. Like you were drawing from a different kind of source. Pretty cool. :)"   Lani, Miami, FL


 "This is amazing! You are correct, I do have asthma, and I did have a heart attack
 three years past. I did stop smoking two years past, but I started again recently.
 Thank you for your insights." Chun, Hong Kong


 "My husband and I are very grateful for your help in locating our cat, Pickles.
 Tommy and Lisa are so fond of her. They were so heartbroken when they couldn't
 find Pickles; they just couldn't eat or sleep. What a relief, peace and quiet in our
 house once again!  I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we
 appreciate all your help. You have a wonderful gift! God bless you. (p.s. Can I
 ask you a question?)"  
Virginia, S.F., CA


 "We found Pickles at the park just like you said. The Director found her on the roof of the Recreation Center and took Pickles down. He fed Pickles and took care of her. Thank you so much for your help. My mom, dad, and sister said to say thank you too. I love Pickles so much."  Tommy, S.F., CA


 "You don't realize how much your advice has helped me. I'm very grateful that we
 connected in this life."  Ziljac,  Auckland, New Zealand


 "That was the best reading I've ever had. I feel so much better now. My girlfriend
 is going to call you for a reading too. Thanks."  Bonnie, Mill Valley, CA


 "You are a lifesaver. Thank you for all your help. I always feel so good after talking
 to you."  Debe, Virginia Beach, VA


 "How did you know all of that? You were right on with everything! How did you do
 that?" Jenny, Chicago, IL


 "I've been coming to you for 19 years now, and I cannot believe how much I'm still
 learning from you. Amazing!"  Dan, Sunnyvale, CA


 "How did you know?  My older brother died 4 1/2 months ago. He did die from heart
 failure. Yes, he was just like our father.  We were raised in a very strict house. No
 time for fun. We would get slapped or punished for joking around. I said Hello to my
 brother, just like you said to, and my ear cleared up!  He talks to me a lot, and my
 ear rings. When I say hello to him, or talk to him, the ringing goes away. Thank you
 so much, I am so thankful to you. Your gift is very special."  Kilhilm, Sweden


 "Thanks a lot for the reading, it helped a lot. Good news! About a week ago, Joe
 came up to me and wanted to talk about everything that has been going on. We
 decided we would work on our relationship and see what happens. Thanks again" 
 Diane, Seattle, WA


 "Ben, I just want to tell you that you were so right!  We didn't get that house, and
 we did purchase a better house in the same area. It has 14 acres, and it cost $20,000 less!!! Thank you so much for your are a charm!!!"  
Teri,  F.C., CA


 "I just wanna thank you for giving me that reading. I feel so much better. Do you mind if I e-mail you in about a month for another reading? : )  Thank you again"  Nikki, CA


"I took your advice and made a list of things that I wanted in my next job. Well, I just received an offer on Friday and the job exceeds every expectation I had. Thanks so much for your help!!!"   Susie, S.F., CA


 "Again, thanks for the reading. I appreciate it and it was awesome."  Billy, Ohio


 "Thank you for helping me, I had never felt this pain before and none of my friends
 were a help. You were. Thanx"  Curious in N.Y.


 "Gosh! You know me so well. I am just like that...What can I do about it?"    
 Discouraged in LA

*All Testimonials Did Not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his/ her Honest opinion for this endorsement and Is Not a marketing affiliate for


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From the #1 Best-Selling Book Series
Wake Up...Live The Life You Love
 Finding Your Life's PASSION   

Wake Up...LiveThe
                                              Life You Love - Finding
                                              Your PassionFeatured Co-Authors:
Dr. Wayne Dyer - Benson Wong -
Brian Tracy - Bill Harris - Anthony Robbins -
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The Power of Prayer &
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Here is a simple yet powerful message to remember when
we are facing a difficult time in life...

"When we pray and have hope for a better tomorrow, it does wonders and gives us strength and the ability to handle what's happening today. We just have to remember to take one step at a time...and keep things light and simple in present that we will be able to notice and appreciate all the little miracles that are happening in our lives." 

Have a blessed day!
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